Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I have some internet now

I guess I'm settled in now, I have some internet and a roof over my head. I also have 4 kids now and no time. So blogging hasn't happened. Sorry.
Anyways, I am back (home I guess) in Southern California, Orange County to be more specific. I grew up in Yorba Linda, but moved to Utah right after graduating high school.. So, even though I was a Californian until I was almost 18, my adult life was spent in Utah. I really found myself there and think of Utah as my home.
Let's just say, the culture shock of Southern California has been exhausting.
Some things that have given me a heart attack include:

  • Driving: The sheer fact that you have to drive all around this damn state stuck in traffic was giving me a daily heart attack, so I have cut back on commuting to eliminate some of the awfulness. 
  • Parking tickets: Why is parking so tricky here? I have racked up 4 tickets so far. FML.
  • Driving again: I drive a 1979 Mercedes Diesel Wagon that does not go fast. I get told I am "number one" on an almost daily basis. People here are in a hurry, why can't they just go around my slow grandma mobile without honking?
I miss Utah, but I am getting used to being a Californian again and trying my best to take it day by day. The best thing about being here? My family is around and my buddy, Jess is here now! A friend in crime has made this transition a million times easier.
And now...

Gratuitous pictures.

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