Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Camping Trip

SO, we went camping...
At least we got a picture out of it!

I imagined something secluded, beautiful and rustic by a private beach. This is what we got:
My awesome shirtless husband "blending in".

Jeffrey says, "Welcome to California". Maybe we will go to Mexico for our next camping trip.
We had a good time regardless of the stanky crowded parkinglot/campsite. Vinny enjoyed the "baby shrimps" (I am not sure what kind of bug or parasite or ???) we found in the "lagoon" which was more of a swamp nearby. She named her shrimp Shelley, and was sad when I forbid Shelley to come home as our pet.

The kids were in heaven. Cat enjoyed being dirty and Bel was naked most of the time. It was just as well, because every time I clothed her she found a way to get something wet and muddy on herself. 
We all learned about septic tanks and what it smells like on "dump day". The stench practically choked me, and I resigned myself to breath through my mouth. Shockingly, we tried to check out a day early and the campsite jerked us around with refunding our $37. 
Thanks, Carpinteria!
The lagoon in the background..
Roasting weenies! The kids were beside themselves with joy to be here.
If YOU would like to go camping here, please visit www.reserveamerica.com

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  1. You should try Cachuma lake or Los Prietos which is all near Santa Barbara. They have nice camp sites in the actual woods, and the river is beautiful. Also you can reserve ahead of time or go and do a first come first served kind of thing. We went early this summer and it was a blast. -- Jachel