Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Bread for .25, Farsi Yogurt and we will eat every part of that chicken.
Life is expensive with a family of 6. We have to cut costs like a mofo'...So I only buy what we need and what is cheap. Like, REALLY CHEAP.

No one ate those peaches completely. So we took them home and made smoothies. Yes, out of half eaten fruit.

  • Our kids eat chicken almost every day, and they have started to notice that.
  • We smuggle the Boy's and Girl's Club free lunch leftovers from the park back home (you aren't supposed to do that, we're rebels!).
  • Left overs are never tossed out.
  • Rice. Lots of rice.
  • Bread that is about to go bad can go in the freezer and be defrosted piece by piece for optimal cheapness.
  • There is nothing wrong with the Middle Eastern yogurt. 
  • Bio Salud is the same as fancy Yakult, bitches.
  • Any "ply" is better than no "ply".
Any other cheapo advice or tips is greatly appreciated...please throw it my way. Along with your leftovers.

Free cafeteria lunches through Boy's and Girl's Club every weekday during the summer. FREE, y'alls.


  1. i like the big pictures! and back in alaska josh and i used to steal toilet paper from the dimond mall... so you could start doing that.

  2. on the rare occasion that we do go out to eat, my husband and i snag more condiments and plastic cutlery than i would like to admit. i also make a habit of googling whats free in my city for that week. we live in a fairly small place, but i'm always surprised at the amount of things that will entertain my children...for free!