Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day before

**I couldn't get this published yesterday **

Tired, stressed and kind of bitchy. I'm getting married tomorrow..and my fiance doesn't fit into the suit I bought him. Or the tungsten ring I bought him. He hasn't had time to get shoes and he isn't sure where his belt is. So, today we are going to the mall. And another mall and another mall.
6 hours of malls.
I packed a backpack full of snacks anticipating 3 hours of shopping...we ran out of food and patience at hour 4. Now I'm sitting in the car with a napping Cat and Bel feeling inadequate. And tired. And hungry. And stressed. And bitchy.
There's a pastrami joint across the street, will someone please bring me a damn sandwich?
Here's the 'effing pics from today.

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  1. Looking at irocksowhat blog post, your wedding was perfect and beautiful. Congratulations to you both!