Thursday, July 19, 2012


We got married and honeymooned over the weekend, and are back to business as usual in the Suarez house (which I am now a legal part of, 'yo!). My first husband and I never took a honeymoon, and we never went anywhere just the two of us, so this was a completely new and amazing experience for me. We probably took 5 hour naps every day of our 'moon..Honestly, sleeping was the most popular "couples" activity we took part in. IT WAS GREAT!
Today we picked up the kids from their mom's and the girls and I had a great day being goof balls. Jess came over and the girls loved on her husband while she and I had girl time...which was also great! It cracks me up that Vinnie, Cat and Bel absolutely LOVE Jess's husband.

Trying on my glasses and making "smart faces"

Wonderful day, and my first day as an official step mom. Success!

Also--I just have to say THANKS to Jess from irocksowhat for pimping my blog banner and background. Go to her blog and have her make yours pretty.

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