Thursday, May 17, 2012

I {heart} my dentist

I had a dentist phobia....Not so much because I had issues with needles and drills, but every time I went to the dentist I left with a crown, or a filling and always a HUGE bill. Like a lot of people, I only ever went to the dentist when I was in serious pain. But, since I made a new years resolution to be more of an adult (at the age of 27) I decided to try this super adult thing called, "Preventative Dental Care". It's where you go see your dentist before you are in intense, hair pulling, cussing and crying pain. Sounds crazy, I know.
I found my dentist, Dr. Noble, using my insurance and, of course, Facebook. He had enough "likes" for me to feel comfortable enough, and I went ahead and set up my first appointment. Upon initial inspection of my "pearly not so whites," Dr. Noble discovered that I had a million cavities. But, that was okay! He didn't lecture me or make me feel like a bad human being for liking candy and never flossing, so we set up a completely affordable treatment plan-which I am now following through with!
Anyways, today I came in for some more fillings and I just have to say, he is a wonderful dentist. He always puts up with me asking a million questions, jerking my tongue around because I never know where to put it during dental work, and he even lets me Instagram during my visits, which I'm sure is obnoxious.
Best. Dentist. Ever.

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  1. Most dentists have this likeable personality, and you’re one lucky gal for having one, Sweet Marie! They say that you should visit your dentist at least twice a year. But in fact, you can see him whenever you need and want to. In order to have zero cavities and pearly white teeth, you should maintain proper oral hygiene like flossing every after eating, and gargling after brushing. Try to avoid sweet foods or caffeine, as much as possible. Instead, develop a habit of eating apples and drinking milk for stronger teeth.

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