Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tonight I published a really shitty post about my (almost) Husband's ex wife. It was really shitty. And I meant every word I wrote, because I do have some serious anger toward her. But, I love her kids. A lot. And because they are my world, I felt like a terrible person and regretted venting about her. Honestly, what if those girls heard me say any of the shallow things I feel, what if they read that, what if they felt that? I would be so devastated because it wouldn't hurt their mother, it would hurt them. 
And then I guess I grew up a little.


  1. I read it in my reader before it got deleted and I can understand why you would remove it but also, she sounds like a "peach". (super sarcastic tone). Good luck, I think you need it!

    1. Thanks! It is so frustrating sometimes. And sometimes my estrogens need to tone down.