Sunday, April 15, 2012

hell hath no fury, and i hath no shames

The older I get, the less shame I seem to have. I recognize this as a good thing (probably attributed to the lack of shame) as I am discovering my ability to live, no, THRIVE in this rat race. I always see those Pinterests that lead to blogs full of frugal tips. Here are some of my own:
Julie's frugal tips and magic tricks!

  • Turn the continental breakfast at the motel I may (or may not) be staying at, into food for the whole weekend!**Those, muffins, apples, hard boiled eggs and bagels with the PBn'J packs go a long my purse. Which is actually a backpack that is full of food now!
  • ..The coupons for BOGO free 8x10's at Walgreens (limit one per person per transaction) into each of my 4 children purchasing prints, even the two year old. 
  • ..The laundry detergent samples rubber banded to the full sized tubs at Walmart into 15 loads worth of detergent. Ya can't steal free samples, people.
  • Did you know I have two children under the age of two? Did you know that children under the age of two get into Disneyland for free? Go ahead, ask for their birth certificates. 
  • I WILL rip out every desirable coupon, perfume sample or recipe in every waiting room magazine. Guaranteed.  
  • Watch me throw my hands up and smile while my kids take handful of pizza bagel samples from the girl at COSTCO. Just watch me.
Want more? Just hang out with me and my family for more than 15 minutes. Surely we will do something ludicrous and embarrassing. It is all part of our charm, I promise.
My kids can play with all the toys they want at the 99 cent store,
for as long as we are inside the 99 cent store. 

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  1. I came across your blog from IROCKSOWHAT.
    Girl, you're too funny!
    I have much to learn.