Sunday, April 29, 2012


I used to be overweight.
You'd make that face too. 165ish lbs. I'm 5'2".

I used to be depressed about it. 
I was never strong, I never had energy, I never wanted to move my body.
Now I do. 
And I like it.
Today at the park, Averie was pretty impressed that I can play with her on the monkey bars, and that I like to play with her on all the various park equipment. I never really thought much of the mothers who sit on the sidelines talking on phones while kiddos run at the park, because I have always been that mom. Today, I was the kid. I tried every single piece of equipment. 
I can: 

  • slide down a fire pole
  • climb back up said fire pole
  • go across the monkey bars
  • hang upside down
  • do ONE pull up. 
  • climb a rope
  • jump over tires
  • climb through tires
  • swing on a tire
  • and much, much more.
The best part of my day, was when Averie said, "Mom you are so much fun to play with". I will NEVER be one of the sideline moms again. Ever.

Oh, and I let Av get a pair of wedges today, thus cementing favorite parent status.

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