Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good music is good music.

So, while listening to the She & Him channel on Pandora, a song from The Strokes album, This is It, came on. !DAMN! was it good. I got warm fuzzies, and started to think about those random albums that are not necessarily by my favorite artists, but are just great albums, plain and simple.
While I will always love The Smiths, Meat is Murder, or The Clash, Combat Rock, I think they fall into a different category. Those are timeless, CLASSIC bands. ALL their albums are my favorite (okay maybe not Sandinista!). The Strokes as a band? I would never claim as a favorite. Get it? No? Oh well. Anyways, here are 5 of my magical albums that are freaking good, and will always be freaking good and my favorites (in my opinion). I am only including these 5 albums that I was around for and remember their releases...and while writing this I am noticing that my musical catalogue kind of ends around 2008, when I stopped working at a CD store.

The Strokes, This is It- I will always think of driving around Orange County, in my Geo Metro, while listening to this.

Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend- Love at first listen. Such a great first major album; such a disappointing second release. Not because it wasn't good. Contra was good. Just the S/T was better.

Kings of Leon, Aha Shake Heartbreak- I pre-ordered this one, bought it the day of it's release and HATED it. I don't know what happened, but a month later, I fell in love.

The Cardigans, First Band on the Moon- You can play me "Your Cuckoo" anytime!

Rancid, ...And Out Come the Wolves- Oh man, I conjure up memories of sitting on the bus going to the 2 Story CHOC thrift store and listening to this on cassette.

Enjoy these goodies from me to you!


  1. omg rancid. yeah. i played that one a lot.

  2. Me too! I thought I was such a hard ass.