Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dry Guy

My boyfriend (I guess he's my fiance now, but I feel like a douche using that term) is a pretty outwardly monotone dude. He looks serious all the time, and in photos purposely doesn't smile. Most photos I take of him have to be snapped when he's not ready and cracks a smile. I asked him what the deal was,and he says its, "just his face". I think it is an old world machismo Hispanic thing. He pointed out that his father is dead pan in he and his mother's wedding photo (I think there is literally one photo), and added that he will try to look more animated in ours... but he can't make any promises.

This was me saying, "Jeffrey. Hey. Jeffrey. Let me take a picture of you. No, seriously, smile. How come you never smile in pictures? Come on, just smile.."
This, he did out of spite afterwards.

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