Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A day with the adults.

Today, I got to hang out with a friend I have not seen since 2006! My friend, Jess, is in town for a blogging conference, Alt Summit. I also got to peek inside of a world that is really intimidating to me: Bloggers and their blogs.
Yes, I have managed to keep this page somewhat alive for like 2 months, but other than my one friend that checks this out, not much happens here. I learned a lot from just listening in, about the amazing benefits these people get out of their blogs. Yes, some monetarily, but more than that. These women that I met today, fill their lives through their blogs with creativity, and social interaction that I long for.
Yah, sometimes they really have to stretch to post daily (could be just a picture of a kick ass burger they ate), but other times the amount of creativity that goes into one single post is mind blowing.
Jess and I post ladie's lunch at the Grand America Hotel
I really enjoyed my day, and I was glad to get out and have some adult time. I would pay to go to one of these conferences JUST for the adult convo...and maybe the swag.


  1. Okay seriously, if you're serious about building readership let me know.