Friday, December 16, 2011


I was 104.8 this morning. There is some sicko part of me that wants to drop that 5 lbs just to see what it would be like to sit at 100. Ugh, but that would require effort and actual dieting. I am in the wrong boat to lose weight, I am doing paleo to maintain and gain muscle..Which will probably lead to an increase of poundage.
Losing weight is so addicting to me, as it is one of the only facets of my life that I can directly control and see the difference. My life is so up in the air and out of whack most of the time that I cling to these militant diets. Don't believe me? Just ask the big VEGAN tattoo on my arm.

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  1. whenever i look at my gun tattoos, i think of your vegan tattoo.